What is Great About SEOBounty.com

SEO Bounty is a site that provides helpful information in it’s blog about Search Marketing topics and also provides multiple online marketing services to clients. I like the layout because of the open spaces and the use of the color blue. It doesn’t feel as congested as other Search Sites and has a lot of usability to it’s interface. I am not lost when trying to find different parts of the site.





For me the site really shines in it’s use of colors and it’s bold logo. I like it concise messages in it’s slide show format and easy to find contact information. This is one of the better industry sites out there.


Overall Grade – A+

What I enjoy about SearchEngineWatch.com

Search Engine Watch is a site that revolves around the latest news in the search marketing business. It covers topics that would interest industry insiders as well as general novices. It has a pretty clean style and has stayed close to the general Internet “News” template for quite a while. I like that it features Industry Events on the home page as these are often hard to keep track of or find in other places. It shows that they are generally concentrated more for the Industry Professional though.




For me the site has been the same for too long and could use a bit of a fresh look although it does concentrate on getting people to be part of community with an e-mail sign up and easy ability to search the site.


Overall Grade – A-

What I like about SearchEngineLand.com

Search Engine Land is a news site dedicated to search marketing. It features the latest news and info from around the industry. I like that the home page is bright and tries to add some excitement to the topics being discussed. These topics can sometimes be dry. So it is nice to see some effort there. This is an example of the site.


It also doesn’t always take itself too seriously as a site. So you don’t feel like the topic at hand can’t be understood by a general novice to Search Marketing.

Overall Grade – A